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All About GRE Computer Based Test
All About GRE Computer Based Test
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ISBN :  819020260X

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Product Description
What's Inside This Pack?
A Detailed Look Inside
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Product Description
Edition: 2011 (Previous Editions: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

In this GRE computer based test, you will find a series of ten tests, each with unique questions. Extremely similar to the actual tests with regard to screens, breaks and instructions; the tests come inclusive of a Test Quit feature wherein any test can be quit anytime you want. The software is designed in a way that you will not lose any questions if you quit the test.

Detailed tutorials an effective testing centre along with test reviews; convenient to use flashcards, extensive language guidance with wordlist, rootlist, synonym test to facilitate Verbal Prep; information about the GRE, Sectional tests to test each section individually and Pronunciation software make this software a must have for anyone coaching for GRE.

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What's Inside This Pack
A Detailed Look Inside

Detailed Tutorials

In addition to the above features, tutorials describe in detail about each section that the actual GRE contains:
Verbal section
Math section
Analytical argument topics
Analytical issue topics
Each section describes in detail about the various types of questions asked in actual GRE, with plenty of examples.
Testing Centre

The testing centre has ten tests that can be taken in any order you want. List of official 242 argument topics
The tests include the NEW GRE question types also. They have been incorporated randomly in each test for you to get sufficient feel of the NEW question types before appearing for the real GRE.5 sample arguments to help you understand how to write the real essays
You may create a unique Login ID to administer the 10 tests. This feature is useful if there is more than one user on the same machine.Dos and Don'ts for the argument topics
A personal score card is made for every test for every login. The score card denotes a score for each section. (The NEW question types would also be counted while counting your score.) It also gives a detailed report about how many questions were answered, how many remained unanswered, how many were answered right, how many wrong & the total score. The option of printing the score card for future reference is also available.
An overall statistical analysis comparing the scores in each test is made available. Besides this, section wise and sub-section wise comparison charts are also made available. This will help you compare how you scored in a particular section or sub section in all the tests. You can then work on the section you performed badly in.
A detailed review of each test is possible. You can go back to each question and see what you had answered and in how much time as well as see complete explanations about why the answer is right or wrong.
Verbal Prep

Flash Cards

Software version of Flash cards is available in this software. It covers the complete GRE wordlist in it.


The software includes an extensive wordlist which has 1000+ words. An extensive list of phobias and manias are covered under this section. It includes meanings of more than 80 phobias and manias.
It has the complete wordlist for GRE in it.
High frequency words are outlined.

All words can be seen in an alphabetical or random order. Pronunciation of each word is also made available. With the words you can find the Part Of Speech, synonyms, antonyms (wherever applicable), and an illustration of the usage in sentence and pronunciation of each word. High frequency words are marked appropriately.


This list covers more than 250 roots, their meanings and related words. This way of learning words will make sure that you never forget them.

Synonym Test

Practice makes a human perfect. That is why we have incorporated practice tests on synonyms in this section to give you extensive practice.
About the GRE

This section includes the answers to the frequently asked questions:
What is the GRE?
What skills does the GRE test?
New Question Type
Sectional Tests

This section has sample tests that you can go through. This test is different from the 10 tests of the Testing Centre. The review is detailed with explanations given for the correct answers. The review is available for each type of questions.

All the tests have answer key and explanations. All the questions have detailed explanations to help you understand the problem and evaluate your mistakes. Explanations make sure you will not make any further mistakes in similar type of questions.

This feature pronounces the word typed in its text box. The feature can be made to pronounce or speak a paragraph as well.

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